Whit Deschner

The Early Word Gets the Burn, is Whit Deschner’s fifth book, a collection of his short stories over a thirty-year span , drawing from commercial fishing, the outdoors and, just plain living.  Whit Deschner is best known as the creator of The Great Salt Lick, a Parkinson’s fundraiser featured on both National Public Radio and Oregon Public Broadcasting. Whit spends his time living and writing in Baker City, Oregon and when he not living, writing and taking pictures in Baker City, he spends his time traveling, writing and taking more pictures. His book Travels with a Kayak won the Benjamin Franklin award for humor. His pieces have been included in anthologies with Bill Bryson, Dave Barry, Douglas Adams, Eric Newby, P.J. O’Rourke, Mark Twain, Buzz Aldrin and, E.B. White.

Animal Poems

Burning Love

Flee Fly Flow Flung

Model Y

Swim Swan Swand