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M.E. Hope

M.E. Hope was born in Wallowa County, and spent most of her first twenty years, there or somewhere else in the west, watching and listening. Then the Navy, then traveling the world, then marriage, children, more traveling, some work, some ca-ching. Living now in Klamath Falls, she talks to farmers and poets, herds of cats, and writes, while wishing for more hours in the day. Recent or forthcoming publications include: Rattle, High Desert Journal, Moving Mountain, Poets of the American West and the Jefferson Monthly. The past is clean is her first chapbook. In 2001 she was a Fishtrap Fellow.

poems by M.E. Hope

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"We each carry lines of poetry with us. Words that others have written float back to us and stay with us, indelibly. We clutch these "life lines" like totems, repeat them as mantras, and summon them for comfort and laughter."

-Academy of American Poets