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David Hill

David Hill is a writer, editor and translator of prose and verse on life, travel, money, culture and globalization. His website is www.davidhill.biz

He has contributed online content to EuropeUpClose.com and the Financial Times Group, and English lyrics for the Hungarian band Kistehen (EMI Music). His book Consumed was published in 2008 by KenArnoldBooks.

He has contributed to books from Blue Guides, Rattapallax, DC Books, Arc, Oxford Business Group, Stockholm Network and Harvill, and journals and news media including The Oregonian, The Independent, Economist Intelligence Unit, The Times Literary Supplement, Jane’s Information Group and Literary Review. He formerly edited the Budapest Business Journal. His first solo book was Angels and Astronauts (National Poetry Foundation, 1999).

He has provided text for stage, screen and music projects including Gulliver in Faremido, a piece by Gregory Vajda that was premiered by Third Angle ensemble, Portland, in 2010. He prepared a rhyming English version of Molière’s play The Misanthrope for a 2004 London production.

He has been booked as a speaker at Wordstock (Portland, OR), Bowery Poetry Club (NYC), Farrago Poetry (London, UK), Sziget Festival (Hungary), and Seattle Poetry Slam.

He studied languages at Oxford University, graduating in 1995 with a First.

poems by David Hill

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"We each carry lines of poetry with us. Words that others have written float back to us and stay with us, indelibly. We clutch these "life lines" like totems, repeat them as mantras, and summon them for comfort and laughter."

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