Featured Poet

Melody Conrad

A native know-it-all to the paradisiacal, haze-happy beaches of Santa Monica, CA, Melody Conrad thinks the real world is boring. Thus, a writer is born. With a perhaps nonsensical, dogged determination to prove that the imagination can usurp the tedious, rational tendencies of reality, Melody turns to the chaotics of her mind as a means of sifting for a more enlightening, maniacall- happy explanation for life’s obscured purposes.

poems by Melody Conrad

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Recognizing the need for poetry in our lives, the Oregon Poetic Voices Project (OPV) has begun to create a comprehensive digital archive of poetry readings that will complement existing print collections of poetry across the state.

"We each carry lines of poetry with us. Words that others have written float back to us and stay with us, indelibly. We clutch these "life lines" like totems, repeat them as mantras, and summon them for comfort and laughter."

-Academy of American Poets