Douglas Spangle

Douglas Spangle was born in Roanoke, Virginia and raised in a Park Service family, living in various western states in childhood. In 1966, his family moved Overseas; he spent the latter two of his high school years in Ankara, Turkey, and he attended the University of Maryland’s Munich Campus from 1968 to 1971. For the next four years he worked as a stagehand at the Münchener Kammerspiele Schauspielhaus. After a three-year stay in Northern Wisconsin he moved to Portland, Oregon, where he has remained ever since, involved in many aspects of the poetry scene. He has emceed open-mike readings, hosted a poetry/talk radio show, and served on the boards of literary and artistic events. He has been Senior Editor of Rain City Review, Co-Editor of Moose and Gobshite Quarterly, and in 1994 edited the Festschrift Homespun: A Tribute to Mary Barnard. His poems, reviews, graphics, articles and translations have appeared in Adragtul, The Alliance, Anodyne, The Asian Reporter, Black Bear Review, Black Dirt, Bull Head, Cedar Hill Literary Review, Clackamas Literary Review, Fireweed, Freudian Shrimp, Georgetown Review, House Organ, Iodine, Mythosphere, Main Street Rag, Meander, Moon Reader, OlsonNow, Ouroboros, Poet Lore, Rag Mag, Raw Seed Review, River King Poetry Supplement, Score, Small Press Review, Take Out, Talus and Scree, The Temple, Veer, Venetian Blind Drunk, and Windfall; in the anthologies Off The Beaten Track, Portland Lights, Broken Word, Sacred Theory of the Earth, Golems Waiting, and many other small press literary publications. His long poem “From Oregon to Gloucester, Maximus” appears on OlsonNow! His chapbooks are Initial, (Quiet Lion Press, 1996), Suite: Lost Things (Flyleaf Editions, 1997), 2 ½ Bridges (26 Books, 1999), Perseus Pursuing (9 muses books, 2002), August (Snark Publications, 2004) and the translation Bread and Wine (Flyleaf Editions, 2008). His text/graphic art has been exhibited in Quebec, Atlanta, and Seattle. He also appears in the poetry/spoof film The Worriers (2010). He is employed as a Maritime Traffic Coordinator at the Portland Marine Exchange and lives with his wife Christine on the sunny slopes of Mt. Tabor, perhaps the world’s only urban volcano.

21st & Powell

from Satyricon Poetry Series, December 19th, 1984

from Satyricon Poetry Series, December 26th, 1984

from Satyricon Poetry Series, December 5th, 1984

from Satyricon Poetry Series, December 5th, 1984

from Satyricon Poetry Series, March 22nd, 1985

from Satyricon Poetry Series, March 27th, 1985

Rope Ladder

Spark in the Stalk

The Yearling