Karen Braucher

Karen Braucher is the author of four collections of poetry. They include Aqua Curves, winner of the national Stevens Award (selected by poet Peter Meinke), Sending Messages Over Inconceivable Distances, finalist for the Oregon Book Award (selected by Maxine Kumin) and chosen for the 150 Oregon Poetry Books List, Mermaid Café (Pudding House), and Heaven's Net (winner of the Bacchae Press national competition). Her poems have appeared in literary juornals, anthologies, and newspapers, including Americas Review, Diner, fireweed, hipfish, The New Renaissance, Nervy Girl, Nimrod International Journal, The Oregonian, Oregon Review, A Passage to the Heart: Writings from Families with Children from China, Pool, Puerto del Sol, The Spoon River Poetry Review, Rattle, The Worcester Review, and other places, including Portland, Oregon's buses and trains through the national Poetry in Motion program. She holds a M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Vermont College among other graduate degrees and has taught writing and English to all ages, in addition to being a tutor, writing consultant, and mystery author (Poetic License To Kill, by K.B. Tobin). Her poetry website is www.karenbraucher.com.

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