Casey Bush

Casey Bush is a Senior Editor of The Bear Deluxe Magazine, the Northwest's leading environmental arts magazine. Long time Portland poet, Casey has performed his work at the Portland Poetry Festival, Seattle Poetry Festival, Powells, Crystal Ballroom, Artquake, Goatfest, Mt. Writers Series, as well as every open mic forum from the Long Goodbye, through the Riverway, Café Lena, Red & the Black Cafe, Blue Monk and Three Friends Coffee Shop. His poems have been featured in local publications including Adragtul, Fireweed, NRG, Portlander, takeout, PinInHand, Thanatos, Broken Word Anthology, Portland Lights, Portland Alliance, Black Widows Web of Poetry, the Oregonian, Windfall and Plazm. Collections of his poetry include Blessings of Madness (26 Books, 1994) and Janes Bonnets (Craftsman Printers, 1995) as well as self-published instant classics by Unimpressed Press: Kiss of the Apocalypse (2002), Cannonball Buttcrack (2003), and Agony of the Circle (2006).

Casey has written about a wide range of subjects, from literature and medicine to music and computers. From 1987 through 1992 he was a chess correspondent for the Oregonian and received five awards from the Chess Journalists of America. In 1991, the Portland Chess Press published his biography Grandmaster from Oregon: The Life and Games of Arthur Drake. His articles have appeared in the Rose Arts Magazine, the Rain City Review, Northwest Chess, the Oregon Scientist, and OGI's Visions Magazine. His article "Apocalypse Now: Coltan, Cell Phones and Crisis in the Congo" (Bear Deluxe, #25, 2007) was picked up by the popular on-line news-zine Common Dreams.

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