Jana Zvibleman

Jana's non-fiction poetry, poetic prose meander from contemporary Coyote tales, through keyholes into family angst, over to adult children's games - and she is not above humor. She has been featured in diverse literary events; her writing and visual arts have been exhibited in art galleries and published in various journals, and she has illustrated some of her own chapbooks. She led creative writing classes and workshops and participated in various critique groups. Dedicated to promoting the literary arts, she has been an active board member for two annual mid-Willamette Valley events: The Magic Barrel, and The Tcha Tee Man Wi Storytelling Festival. Jana lives in Corvallis.

"Jana" rhymes with "banana". Zvibleman = ZWEE bel mn.

Persephone's Version

Trip to the Coast

When she is 18

Worms and Stars