Neal Lemery

Neal Lemery is a poet recorded in Manzanita on October 15, 2011. He has the following to say about his poetry:

Poetry allows me to find voice in what is around me, and being able to look at the world by capturing a moment of beauty, or a thought that is otherwise elusive, yet needs to be explored.

Poetry is in everything we see and everything we experience. An idea, a prase, gives me permission to put an experience inside of some boundaries, and then fully look at what is there. Often, when I write, what I later see in the image is not what first caught my eye and my ear. There is always something deeper there, an added layer or two of a deeper meaning, a deeper experience.

I am a photographer, and I draw, and paint, too, and I often go back and forth among all those expressions. Each medium gives me a different viewpoint, and a different voice.

Often, the ordinary, the mundane offers the deepest experience in poetry, as I am led to go deeper into the experience. Over time, the message I find changes, and often grows deeper, and more spiritual, more satisfying, an, often, more provocative.

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