Lori Dillon

Lori Dillon has been a resident of the northern Oregon Coast since 1977. Long-timers know her as Lori Slatter, playing banjo and conducting kayak tours, along with her other part-time jobs (that paid the bills).

A visial artist, art classes through high school, and a two-year vocational Graphic Arts course added to her choice of various visual art mediums and skills.

Lori has always enjoyed poetry. She purchased her first book of poetry, William Stafford's Stories That Could Be True, in 1979. William Stafford is still Lori's favorite poet; she owns most of his books and regrets that she never met him in person. Lori admires Stafford's way of expressing a feeling or a setting in so few words.

After attending several visual art classes at the Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology in Otis, Oregon, Lori signed up for a poetry class with Kim Stafford, the late William Stafford's son. It was a wonderful experience for Lori. She has participated at the Hoffman Center's "Open Mic" poetry events. She mostly writes for herself but enjoys sharing and listening to other poets.

Active in the arts community, Dillon serves on the boards of the Manzanita Creative Arts Council and the Tillamook County Arts Nework. Both groups promote local artists.


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