Thomas Montgomery

Thomas Montgomery is a poet recorded in Salem on October 1, 2011. He has the following to say about his poetry:

What's to be said of me that can be of consequence in terms of my writing? I suppose the best place to start would be conflict. Although I lead the simple life of the suburban middle class, the abnormalities within myself provide the key to a formula of tension. When someone is diagnosed with a mild form of autism, the person can be seen as strange or slightly off among peers. Without many friends during my earlier years there was always a brooding shadow embedded in the mind. It constantly fed my self-doubt and feeling of isolation. Although this mentality is itself a social hindrance, by this time I have overcome much of these issues.

My writing is often quite dark, a result of my inner tension as well as the music that I listen to. Much of it is very morbid, spinning tails of malevolent entities and sadistic acts. Classic Metal has always been one of my favorite things in everyday life. It's not just racket in my ears, it's art. I think of many abstract and opaque verses as well as vivid images of stories portrayed and try to give my poetry that sort of edge. I hope that the material presented will be a sufficient illustration of these influences.


Fool's Winter