Catherine Rickbone

Catherine Rickbone is the author of the chapbook, Labyrinth Dance. Her poetry has appeared in The Echo, Quivira Literary Magazine, newsletters and informal papers. For five years, she was poetry co-editor of Veterans Voices, a national publication of the Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project. She has taught poetry and creative writing at the high school level, uniting the visual arts and poetry, American Literature and speech at the community college level, as well as composition at the university level.

She collaborated with Dr. Gerritt and Barbara Bleeker, of Emporia State University, to create the "Let's Talk About It" intergenerational literature/poetry and visual arts series at the Emporia Arts Council in Kansas where she served as Executive Director. This series was published in Voices of Young Advocates. Additionally, she and the Bleekers collaborated on the "Art to Heart" multidisciplinary poetry and art curriculum for at-risk youth which culminated in a monograph "Heart and Wings" using multicultural poetry inspired by art, for middle school artists and writers.

She is currently the Executive Director of the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts, in Newport, Oregon.

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