Richard Mack

Richard Mack is the author of the novel Quail Song, and three books of poetry and essays: Against a Western Sky, Among the Western Hills, and Reflections in a Western River. His prose and poetry have been published in such journals as Red Cedar Review, Wind Literary Review, South Dakota Review, Salal Review, Clearwater Journal, Cape Rock, Branches, Green's Cirque and others. His poems have appeared in three Oregon anthologies RondeDance (Wordcraft Press), Deer Drink The Moon (Ooligan Press), and A Sense of Place (Libraries of Eastern Oregon).

Mack feels at home in the American West, having lived and worked in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, California, and Idaho. His career in education took him to Micronesia, Guam, Japan, and through the deserts and mountains of Eastern Oregon. He lives in La Grande, Oregon, with his wife Margo, and together, they own and operate Windwhistle Stables and Arena.

Since retiring, Mack and his wife live in the shadow of Mt. Emily overlooking the Gradnde Ronde Valley near La Grande. From here he has concentrated on writing, travelling, kayaking, horses, and watching the deer, elk, foxes, quail, and pampered barn cats that visit the acreage.


Destiny Perhaps

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Trophy Sorrow