Michael Berton

Michael Berton has had peoms published in numerous print publications including The Cracked Mirror, Voces Fronterizas, Fireweed, 4th Street Journal, Freudian Shrimp, Sin Fronteras Journal, Pacific Review, Gertrude, Gypsy, Snow Monkey, Broken Word Anthology, Perceptions, Night Bomb Review, Liebamour, and Cirque Journal.

A mini-chapbook was published by Soft Spoken Press in 2002. He is former poetry editor of The Cereal Box Review. In 2003 he produced a 12 hour poetry marathon, 12 to 12 at La Palabra Café/Studio. He hosted and produced the Navel Of The Rose reading series at Mt. Tabor Coffee Cellar in 2000.

He has lived in Oregon since 1997. He moved here from El Paso, TX. He currently lives in Portland where he is emplyoed with Portland Public Schools. He has performed his poetry in coffee houses, cemeteries, art galleries, and poetry festivals. He earned a BA degree in Sociology/Anthropology from UT-El Paso.

Man! You Script The Mic.

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Variation On A Theme For Losing One's Hearing