Emily Pittman Newberry

Emily Pittman Newberry was born in the mid-west during World War II and grew up in upstate New York during the post war boom and subsequent questioning of consumer culture and the spiritual and political upheavals. She went into the factories as a machinist to participate in political revolution and came out 30 years later as a mediator and facilitator.

After a long spiritual journey of inner truth seeking she came into acceptance of herself as a transgendered woman. She is currently writing, speaking, and teaching ways of living peacefully with each other. She has two wonderful sons living on opposite ends of the country.

Butterfly A Rose is Emily's attempt to bring to life what she has difficulty finding words for; her life in transition from hiding behind the male person she was told to be at birth to living as the transgendered woman she is full time. The words came out as they are in this book because poetry at its best takes the reader beyond the words into a deeper truth.

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