Sylvia Norton

Sylvia Norton was born in 1944 in Portland. Her world is internal, bordering at times on ecstatic trance.  An only child, she is discomfited by social situations. Literature, her dog, and the natural world form her deepest affiliations, together with the long alliance with her husband, a fellow solitary contemplative.  Fitful writings throughout her life are fleeting traces — like the bread crumbs of Hansel and Gretel.  They are attempts to mark, observe, and come to terms with the paradox and splendor of being.  There is particular fascination with time, its passing, and with death.  A poem "Hypocrisy" was published in a state high school poetry anthology, and another, "Wine of Times Past," in a national high school poetry anthology.  She had two poetry writing classes at the University of Oregon.  In her third year, she was on the editorial board of the undergraduate literary magazine, which published a couple of her poems.  A short trip to the East Coast in the succeeding summer brought a chance encounter with the Unification Church whose revelatory cosmology she found deeply compelling. She joined and didn't return to university.  Since September 11, 2001, the puppeteered/false flag/inside job perfidy, and its endless horrific aftermath, a dark gorge overshadows her. 

Dark Ride

Pond Life