Tim Hunt

A fourth generation native of Northern California, Tim Hunt was born in Calistoga and raised primarily in Sebastopol, two small towns north of San Francisco. Once upon that time, Sebastopol was still primarily apple orchards, and the wine industry had not yet made Calistoga chic. As a boy he also identified strongly with the Lake County region of his father's family, and area where quicksilver mining had once been profitable. Educated at Cornell University, he has taught American literature at several schools, including Washington State University and Deep Springs College. He is currently Professor of English at Illinois State University, in Normal, Illinois. He and his wife Susan, a respiratory therapist, have two children: John, a visual artist, and Jessica, a composer. His publications include the collection Fault Lines (Backwaters Press) and the chapbooks Redneck Yoga (Finishing Line Press), White Levis (Pudding House Chapbooks), and Lake County Diamond (Intertext Books). For more details, visit his website at www.tahunt.com.

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