Judith Arcana

Judith Arcana's poems, stories and essays have appeared widely in journals and anthologies for many years. Her books and book-like objects include a folding broadside (POEMS), a poetry chapbook manuscript in a cartoon envelope (Family Business), a chapbook of poems about immigration written in the voices of high school students (4th Period English), and What if your mother, a full-length collection of poems about a constellation of motherhood themes. Among her nonfiction books is Grace Paley's Life Stories: A Literary Biography.

Judith was a teacher for more than forty years, and now she isn't. She lives in Portland, in an apartment upstairs of her neighborhood library. For a good time, visit her website, www.juditharcana.com.

(Author photo by Barbara Gundle)

Complete Reading from Mountain Writers Series 2010

Kimberly, talking quietly

The Light on the Water

The man who loves trees

What if your mother