A. Molotkov


A. Molotkov is a writer, composer, filmmaker and visual artist, and a co-founder of the Inflectionist poetry movement (www.Inflectionism.com). Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, A. Molotkov moved to the US in 1990 and switched to writing in English in 1993. Molotkov is the author of several novels, short story and poetry collections and the winner of the 2008 E. M. Koeppel Short Fiction Award for his story "Round Trip", which was nominated for a Pushcart. His other fiction and poetry has appeared in over twenty publications, both in print and online. In February 2010, A. Molotkov spearheaded a one-hour poetry and music performance "Love Outlives Us" presented by the Show and Tell Gallery in Portland and repeated on KBOO in June. He often reads in and around Portland, OR. Visit him at www.AMolotkov.com


Doctor-Patient Confidentiality

Frozen Angels

Say Me with a Dry Leaf