Kaitlyn "Fred" Demien

Kaitlyn “Fred” Demien grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home in the Midwest with a healthy variety of crazy available to her, and her middle child syndrome hardly affects her at all anymore.  At 18, she moved to the West Coast, got a tattoo, and now lives happily as a quirky theist amidst the Portland heathens she so dearly loves.  Her idols are Joan of Arc (crazy or not), Flannery O’Connor, and Daria.  Her favorite superhero is the perfect superhuman combination of Joan of Arc, Flannery O’Connor, and Daria dressed in a cape, armor, boots, and armed with wit and a pen.  She is currently looking for someone to illustrate this into a comic book.


Die Magd des Herrn (The Lord's Servant)

Feel No Evil

Politics Then Puberty: an Autobiography of Why I Should Not Date You